We do not create art.  Rather, we are experts in the art of selling in the most strategic and creative way.

Original Thinking

At MK2, we strongly believe that effective communication comes from original thinking. Because this is the only thing that differentiates the great from the good; the outstanding from the cliché.

True Partnership

We don’t serve clients. We work with partners. In the communication business, listening is important; idea exchange is essential; open discussion is indispensable. We encourage our business partners to stimulate, provoke, and even debate with us just as we will do with them.

We Work For Brand Not Product

In this highly competitive market place, your brand is your most valuable asset. It is the essence of what your consumers expect from you. Therefore, at MK2, we set out to protect, build and extend the power of your brand. All communication activities we recommend have this single objective in mind, whether it is a through-the-line campaign, tactical campaign, a piece of DM or a campaign site.

The only assets in the advertising industry are people. At MK2, we believe it is the quality of people that sets us apart from our competitors. That is why we are so demanding in finding the right MK2 teammates.

Once we have found them, we take care of them, and provide them with a perfect environment to develop successfully.

We also realize the need for fresh ideas. Therefore, we keep our eyes open for the best young talents available, and provide them with in-depth training.


The most important commitment of all. Without sharp, clear and surprising creative, an advertising message will simply slip past the target audience, and the client’s money will be wasted.


In a world that sometimes seems to be spinning faster every day, MK2 is your perfect partner. We have the willingness to think fast, thorough, and our unique structure gives us the ability to turn that thinking into action, and quickly respond to clients’ needs.


Our company leader is highly involved in mastering the brands for our clients. Your business will receive his full attention.


The people who run the company own the company. As a client, if you experience a problem, it will be fixed swiftly.